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Professional Hairdressing Training: Afro Mannequin Heads with 100% Real Human Hair

Professional Hairdressing Training: Afro Mannequin Heads with 100% Real Human Hair

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Prepare yourself for the art of hairdressing with our Afro Mannequin Heads featuring 100% Real Human Hair. Specifically designed for salon cosmetology training, these mannequin heads provide a realistic and hands-on experience for hairstylists in training or practicing professionals.

Each mannequin head showcases a beautiful afro hairstyle, allowing you to practice and perfect techniques specific to textured and curly hair. The natural density and texture of the 100% real human hair closely resemble that of real-life afro hair, providing a lifelike training experience that prepares you for working with diverse hair types.

The mannequin heads are carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring the hair is securely and evenly distributed across the scalp. This even distribution allows for seamless styling and manipulation, enabling you to practice a wide range of techniques, including cutting, coloring, braiding, and styling.

Our mannequin heads are an essential tool for both beginners and experienced stylists. They provide a safe and controlled environment for honing your skills, allowing you to experiment and perfect various hairstyles and techniques without the need for live models. This practice promotes confidence and proficiency, ensuring you deliver exceptional results to your clients.

The 100% real human hair used in our mannequin heads is sourced ethically and treated to maintain its natural quality. This high-quality hair mimics the behavior and characteristics of real hair, including its ability to hold styling products and tools. With proper care and maintenance, the hair remains soft, manageable, and long-lasting, ensuring durability throughout your training journey.

These mannequin heads are also suitable for cosmetology schools, salons, and educational institutions seeking a reliable training tool. The lifelike appearance of the afro hairstyle and the realistic feel of the human hair allow students to practice various techniques and styles in a controlled and professional setting.

Immerse yourself in the world of hairdressing training with our Afro Mannequin Heads featuring 100% Real Human Hair. Experience the realism and versatility of textured hair as you perfect your skills and unleash your creativity. Equip yourself with this invaluable training tool that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities in the diverse field of hairstyling.

Used For2: Cosmetology Manikin Hairdressing and Salon

Used For1: For Hair Styling and Braiding

Training Head Style: Mannequin Head with Human Hair

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PE

Head Type: Hairdressing Training Mannequin Head

Hair Material: 100% Human Hair

Hair Length: 10inch Afro African Training Head

Gender: Female

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